Aging in Place - Glens Falls Inc. is a cooperative service exchange. Our members, as volunteers, provide mutual support for one another. We are persons in the larger Glens Falls area who have chosen to remain in our own homes in our aging years for as long as possible, as long as we may do so with dignity. Our goal is to provide support and community building through:

  1. Mutual Service Exchange:
    • Members volunteer to provide services to other members. Members declare what services they can provide. Those who receive services are also encouraged to provide services within their capacity and may request services that other members have offered, if mutually agreeable arrangements can be made. (Services may include transportation, food preparation, minor home repairs, accompanying a member to outpatient medical care, etc.))
  2. Promoting and Sustaining Vital connection to the community
    • We assist members to maintain a vital connection to the community despite some physical limitations, by connecting them with existing programs in the community, or by creating new opportunities for community among our membership. All members are assigned to a Neighborhood Group for more opportunities to be part of a community.

      Members are invited to share their interests and skills by offering occasional or ongoing programs which enhance the quality of life, and foster community building. (Examples: shared hobbies, table games, computer skills, a walking group, a reading group etc.)
  3. Information Exchange:
    • We collect and share information about community services available for those whose needs are beyond the ability of our organization to provide. (e.g. wheelchair transportation, health services etc.)

      Educational programs may be scheduled to promote information and services of interest to seniors.